Drop the knee for the 39th Annual Al Johnson race
Written by Than Acuff   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013
Hike up, point it, party

Say what you will about telemark skiing.
Fix the heel, fix the problem.
Nobody cares that you tele.
Lock your heel, ski for real.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Nevertheless, one day every year, the telemark skier in all of us comes out of the closet to partake in the ski racing spectacle of the Al Johnson Memorial Uphill/Downhill Telemark Ski Race.
This year, you too can partake—hell, anyone can partake—in the 39th Annual Al Johnson race on Sunday, March 24.
It is one of the best events of the year and the best one of the winter.
It is what it is. Embrace it.
There’s telemark gear all over this county, so that’s no excuse.
It’s not a long uphill.
So that’s not an excuse.
The conditions on the North Face are pretty good, so there goes that excuse.
And, costumes are the norm so hide yourself in a trash can and do it. Dress like Al’s Johnson and do it. Grab a bunch of friends and come up with some whacky theme and do it.
It doesn’t matter, just do it.
Want to save a few bucks and guarantee yourself a classic AJ hat? Then head over to the Alpineer for early registration. You have until Friday, March 22 to pre-register and you can save $5 on the individual race, $6 on the tag team.
Can’t quite motivate for that? Then come by the Brick Oven on Sunday, March 24 between 8 and 9:30 a.m. and you can still get in on the mayhem. Either way, make sure you get in early, as AJ hats go to the first 200 to register.
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Crested Butte Avalanche Center, your locally run, non-profit avalanche and weather forecasting center.