Local top-level players lace ‘em up for the 2012 Winter Classic
Written by Than Acuff   
Wednesday, 02 January 2013
All-star hockey action

Local men’s hockey teams the Crested Butte Powder Pigs and the Crested Butte Storm have a long and rich rivalry dating back some 15, maybe even 20, years. It was a showcase of the top hockey talent in the north end of the valley and provided some of the most vivid highlights and lowlights for local hockey.
But as time wore on and players grew weary, the Crested Butte men’s league disbanded and while the Pigs and Storm continued to play each other at random times, the games deteriorated into one-sided Storm wins, and tempers, on occasion, flared.
In an effort to bring the two teams back onto the ice in a civil manner, the Winter Classic was established. This year, the Winter Classic was held to give fans a glimpse into the level of play in the valley as well as help raise money for the family of local hockey player and girls U-19 coach Tony Lambert, who was injured in a car accident. It was an all-star game with a cause.
Unfortunately, with Pigs’ numbers somewhat dubious due to a number of reasons, an official showdown between the two teams was transformed into a mix of all players split into two teams for a highlight reel pick-up game.
The talent was a mix of old, or rather older, and some new. Veteran players Dan Law, Jack Gibbons—who between them probably have 50 years of hockey in the valley—were on hand.
The game had a non-traditional set up as well, with the teams skating for one period of 45 minutes and a second period of 35 minutes running clock.
Those in attendance on the frigid night got their money’s worth as the two teams combined for 14 goals total. Matt Whiting and Joel Aslanian led the night with a hat trick each. John Mortell scored two goals and added an assist, and Mike Eaton and Sean Norton netted one apiece for the winning side.
Brian Chapel scored two on the losing side with Deuce Wynes and Blake Claflin each scoring one. In the end the players decided to chip in and raised $650 for the Lambert family.