2012-2013 school year starts out right on budget for RE1J
Written by Seth Mensing   
Wednesday, 05 December 2012
October count spot-on

Despite the tumult in the school district’s cash flow in recent years, the business managers have maintained a handle on how much money is coming in and how much is going out and this year’s budget is proving to be right on target after the first financial quarter of the new school year ended September 30.
District business manager Stephanie Juneau told the board on Monday, November 26 that the general fund is right on track after the district’s pupil count came in exactly where they expected it to be.


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Every October the district submits an official student count to the Colorado Department of Education that determines the amount of money the district will get to pay for all of its activities.
Crested Butte Community School saw modest growth this year, counting 584 students, including kindergarteners who are not funded at the full rate from the state. Therefore, by the state’s measure, there are 563 full-time-equivalent students at the Crested Butte school this year.
And while the district saw some changes in the number of students from site to site, the administration guessed right on the total number of students attending class in the district this year, budgeting for and getting 1,846 students, with a full-time equivalency of 1,718 students.
“We are on track to be on budget for revenue,” Juneau said.
And revenue saved is revenue earned, as the district spent less in the first part of the school year on subsidizing the food service program, which took $132,000 from the general fund last year and called for $112,000 from the general fund this year.
“As long as we continue as we have been for the first two months of this school year, most likely we won’t have to use as much of the general funds as we’ve budgeted for that, which is great,” Juneau said.