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CBMR receives approval for long-term plan Print
Written by Mark Reaman   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013
Lots of things possible in the future

The U.S. Forest Service has officially accepted the proposed Master Development Plan (MDP) from Crested Butte Mountain Resort. The document is meant to be a guideline for the resort’s future development concepts and includes a possible expansion into the Teocalli drainage area that drops into Brush Creek. That drainage is not currently in the resort’s ski area permit boundary.


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Forest supervisor Scott Armentrout officially accepted the plan March 29. In the letter of acceptance, Armentrout wrote that the agency appreciated “the engagement of the public, government agencies and Forest Service staff in this effort. We believe this process has helped you develop a well thought-out proposal in a collaborative manner.”
The 2013 MDP is a comprehensive plan that sets out a roadmap of where the resort wants to head over the next five to ten years. It includes more summer trails, some new ski lifts, more terrain below the Teocalli lift, and the Teo drainage expansion. Ultimately, new zip lines and even new lodges are included in the plan. No guarantees are given by the Forest Service for any of the projects included in the document as a result of accepting the MDP. Any changes in current resort layout would have to go through a comprehensive approval process that could include public vetting through the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) process.
“CBMR is pleased with the National Forest decision and looks forward to continuing our relationship  with the Forest Service and the Gunnison Valley community as we proceed with the implementation of projects and forthcoming planning,” commented CBMR Director of Planning and Sustainability John Sale.
Armentrout made it clear, “The proposed expansion into the Teocalli drainage, being outside of CBMR’s special use permit boundary, will require an amendment to the Forest Plan. I will consider adjusting and amending the permit boundary upon consideration of the expansion proposal itself.”
He also said that when the time is appropriate, CBMR would have to consult with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to do a lynx habitat evaluation if the resort moves to the Teo drainage.
CBMR worked extensively over the last year to gather local comments on the new MDP. While the plan has been officially accepted, CBMR has been clear to not expect any new lifts to be built for at least a few years. “The acceptance of the 2013 MDP will allow CBMR to move forward this summer with new mountain biking trails on the main mountain and the ability to continue to upgrade and improve all facilities in the future,” summarized Sale.

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