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HEARING DATE, TIME AND LOCATION: The Gunnison County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2007 at 11:00 a.m. in the Planning Commission Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Blackstock Building, 221 N. Wisconsin, to hear public comment concerning a land use change permit application for a change in the use of the land for Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries   The landowner is CB Gun Investments, LLC, Doug Dureya.  The lessee is Rocky Mountain Christian Ministries, represented by John Clement.
PARCEL LOCATION: The land is located within the SE1/4SW1/4 Section 25, T50N, R1W N.M. P.M., 1 mile north of the City of Gunnison, east of Highway 135, 1040 N. Highway 135.
PROPOSAL:  The applicant has submitted a land use change application for a change of use for a portion of the property and the existing building for use as a church.
ACCESS:  The existing access is via Highway 135.
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:  The public is invited to submit verbal or written comments at the hearing, or to submit written comments by FAX (970) 641-8585, or by letter (to the Planning Department, 221 N. Wisconsin, Gunnison, CO  81230), so long as they are received by 5 p.m. the evening before the date of the meeting so that they may be submitted for the public record during the hearing.  A copy of the application is available for public review in the Planning Department Office, 221 N. Wisconsin; additional information may be obtained by calling the office, (970) 641-0360.
ADA ACCOMMODATIONS:  Anyone needing special accommodations as determined by the American Disabilities Act may contact the Planning Department prior to the day of the meeting.
/s/  Neal Starkebaum
Assistant Planning Director

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of November 2, 2007. #110203

HEARING DATE, TIME AND LOCATION: The Gunnison County Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. in the Planning Commission Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Blackstock Building, 221 N. Wisconsin, to hear public comment concerning a land use change permit application for a change in the use of the land for Red Mountain Logworks. The landowner is Kirk Sellers.  The lessee/applicant is Red Mountain Logworks, represented by Nancy and Gary Klifman.
PARCEL LOCATION: The land is located within the SE1/4NW1/4 Section 28, T14S, R85W 6th P.M., 7 miles south of the Town of Crested Butte, west of Highway 135, 21293 N. Highway 135.
PROPOSAL:  The applicant has submitted a land use change application for a change of use the expansion of the commercial use to allow a seasonal storage area for a landscaper and allow for the outdoor display area for the business.
ACCESS:  The existing access is via Highway 135.
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:  The public is invited to submit verbal or written comments at the hearing, or to submit written comments by FAX (970) 641-8585, or by letter (to the Planning Department, 221 N. Wisconsin, Gunnison, CO  81230), so long as they are received by 5 p.m. the evening before the date of the meeting so that they may be submitted for the public record during the hearing.  A copy of the application is available for public review in the Planning Department Office, 221 N. Wisconsin; additional information may be obtained by calling the office, (970) 641-0360.
ADA ACCOMMODATIONS:  Anyone needing special accommodations as determined by the American Disabilities Act may contact the Planning Department prior to the day of the meeting.
/s/  Neal Starkebaum
Assistant Planning Director

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of November 2, 2007. #110202.

HEARING DATE, TIME AND LOCATION: The Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners and the County Planning Commission will conduct a joint public hearing FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. in the Planning Commission Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Blackstock Building, 221 N. Wisconsin, Gunnison, Colorado, to hear public comment concerning a land use change application for the Preliminary Plan of the proposed Tomichi Creek Subdivision.  The applicant is West Elk Properties, LLC, represented by David Leinsdorf.
PARCEL LOCATION:  The land is legally described as being located in Sections 10 and 15, Township 49 North, Range 1 West, N.M.PM., Gunnison County, Colorado.  Generally, the property is located 2 miles southwest of the City of Gunnison, at the end of Fairway Lane, east of the Tomichi Condominiums.
PROPOSAL:  The applicant proposes the subdivision of 23.5-acres into 20 single-family lots, with approximately 10-acres of open space.  Water and sewer will be provided by connection to the Dos Rios water and sewer system.  Access to the individual lots will be via a loop road from Fairway Lane.
PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:  The public is invited to submit verbal or written comments at the hearing, or to submit written comments by FAX (970) 641-8585, or by letter (to the Planning Department, 221 N. Wisconsin, Gunnison, CO  81230), so long as they are received by 5 p.m. the evening before the date of the meeting so that they may be submitted for the public record during the hearing.  A copy of the application is available for public review in the Planning Department Office, 221 N. Wisconsin; additional information may be obtained by calling the office, (970) 641-0360.
ADA ACCOMMODATIONS:  Anyone needing special accommodations as determined by the American Disabilities Act may contact the Planning Department prior to the day of the meeting.
/s/  Neal Starkebaum
Assistant Director of Planning

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of November 2, 2007. #110204

Notice is hereby given that the proposed 2007 amended budget and the proposed 2008 budget have been submitted to the Board of Directors of the East River Regional Sanitation District.  Copies of the proposed budgets have been filed in the office of the District, Skyland Lodge, 350 Country Club Drive, Suite 112A, Crested Butte, Colorado 81224, where they are open for public inspection.  The proposed budgets will be considered at a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the District to be held at Skyland Lodge, 350 Country Club Drive, Suite 112, Crested Butte, Colorado 81224 on November 14, 2007 at 4:00 p.m.  The Board will hold a public hearing at such meeting during which all interested parties may be heard.
Any interested elector of the East River Regional Sanitation District may inspect the proposed budgets and file any objections thereto at any time prior to the final adoption of the budgets by the Board of Directors.
Respectfully submitted,
Greg Wiggins, Chairman

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issues of November 2 and 9, 2007. #110208

—REVISED PRELIMINARY AGENDA: Friday, November 2, 2007—
8:45 a.m. Call to order; determine quorum
Approval of Minutes
Unscheduled citizens: A brief period in which the public is invited to make general comments or ask questions of the Commission or Planning Staff about items which are not scheduled on the day’s agenda.    
9:00 a.m. Copper King Subdivision, work session/no action, request for subdivision of 112-acres into 42 single-family residential lots, located on the Copper King Placer, MS. No. 3291 and Kalamazoo Placer M.S. No. 3755, approximately 4 miles southeast of Taylor Reservoir and 2 miles northwest of Tincup, west of Forest Road #765 (Cumberland Pass Road)    
10:00 a.m.  Break    
10:15 a.m. Crested Butte Fire Protection District and County staff, work session/possible action,  recommendation to Board of Commissioners for amendments to the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution regarding development within wildfire hazard areas and related, fire protection requirements,  adoption of the 2003 International Fire Code with amendments.    
11:30 a.m. Mark Schumacher/Three Rivers Resort, requested amendment to Land Use Change Permit 2005-80, specifically and only related to sizes of Cabins Nos. 23-26, and 30: additions that increase size of each cabin up to 220 square feet and Cabins Nos. 27-29: additions that increase the size of each cabin up to 300 square feet. Staff recommendation and request for direction from Commission to consider classification as Administrative Review Project.   
Noon Lunch    
12:45 p.m. Crested Butte Nordic Council, work session/possible action, request for the placement and use of a yurt as a seasonal warming hut  for the C. B. Nordic Council trails system; located in Magic Meadows, north of the Town of Crested Butte, in the Slate River drainage, above Peanut Lake.    
1:15 p.m. Crystal Creek Subdivision, Second Filing, work session/possible action, request for the subdivision of 52-acres; three one-acre lots and a remainder of 49-acres in a common area, located approximately 20 miles northwest of the City of Gunnison, north of County Road #742 (Taylor River Road)    
2:10 p.m. Lower Slate River Ranch Subdivision, work session/no action, request for the subdivision of 60-acres into two lots; 25-acres, with existing residence and 35-acres; located in the NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 28, T14S, R85W, 6th P.M., approx. 7 miles south of the Town of Crested Butte, west of Highway 135    
3:00 p.m. Bull Mountain Natural Gas Pipeline, SG Interests I Ltd., continued joint public hearing/no action, public hearing will be continued to 3:00 p.m., December 7, 2007, request for Bull Mountain Natural Gas Pipeline; a proposed 20-inch diameter buried steel natural gas pipeline and related aboveground facilities within a 50-foot right-of way (ROW) on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands and National Forest System (NFS) lands, Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison (GMUG) National Forests, northwest Gunnison County    
3:10 p.m. Shady Island Subdivision, leave for site visit/no action, request for the subdivision of 10.36 acre parcel into 16 single-family residential lots, located north of the City of Gunnison.    
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are conducted in the Blackstock Government Center Meeting Room at 221 N. Wisconsin St. in Gunnison, across the street from the Post Office.  This is a preliminary agenda; agenda times may be changed by the staff up to 24 hours before the meeting date. If you are interested in a specific agenda item; you may want to call the Planning Department (641-0360) ahead of time to confirm its scheduled time. Anyone needing special accommodations, please contact the Planning Department before the meeting.  

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of November 2, 2007. #110205

At the regular meeting of the County Commissioners of Gunnison County, held in the Commissioners’ Room in the Gunnison County Courthouse, the County Seat, on the 18th of September, 2007, vouchers were approved and warrants ordered drawn on the accounts as follows:
01-General Fund 209,598.71
02-Road & Bridge 40,012.33
03-Social Services             14,111.59
10-Airport Operations             95,794.48
12-Sales Tax             42,492.95
25-Library               8,740.03
34-Risk Management                  591.40
41-Airport Construction           890,016.29
43-Capital Expenditures           135,261.94
50-Sewer Districts             47,041.77
51-Water District             12,422.50
52-Landfill               2,661.91
70-Housing Authority               5,927.17
72-Assisted Living               3,040.65
80-Internal Service-I             51,960.78
82-Internal Service-II             16,744.14
90-Internal Service-III               5,728.21
91-Local Marketing Dist                      3.53
92-Transportation Dist             10,825.00
                           Total        1,592,975.38
25-Fairfield Inn-Lodging                  228.00
03-Human Services Expense               1,656.46
03-Co Govt H S Fin Off-Mtgs                    30.00
03-Hilton Garden Inn-Travel                  254.00
10-Grouse Mtn Lodge-Lodging                  950.48
01-NACA-Books & Subscript                  110.00
01-Michael Wilson-Bd of Adj                  200.00
01-Rock House Ranch-Op Supp               2,000.00
01-Natl Pen-Op Supp                    82.67
01-Majestic Theatre-Tob Contr                  245.00
01-Tri River Appl-Pandemic Flu               1,509.00
01-MPRES-Dues & Meetings                    20.00
01-Co Sec of State-Op Supp                    10.00
**-Chg Fd R&B-Postage                  474.39
01-Chg Fd PH-HCBS Grant Exp                    97.03
01-U S Post Office-Postage                  300.07
**-West Lbr Supply-Grnds Mtce                  345.89
**-City of Gunn-Utilities             11,469.71
82-Pitney Bowes-Op Supplies                  194.55
01-Sec of State-Dues & Meetings                    50.00
**-Paper Clip-Op Supplies                  729.66
02-Xerox-Mtce Contract                  231.61
**-Sweitzer Oil-Fuel             25,358.70
**-Qwest-Telephone               1,941.18
**-Co Dept of Pub Hlth-Fees               3,326.75
01-Gunn Vly Hosp-Cancer Cont                  861.65
01-Safeway-Prisoner Meals                  111.80
**-B&B Printers-Off Supplies                  252.00
**-Gunn Ctry Pub-Advertising                  409.76
**-Gunn Cty Elect-Utilities                  434.11
**-Monty's Auto-Parts               1,763.39
80-Macdonald Eq-Parts                    80.58
80-MHC Kenworth-Parts               7,043.91
80-Hartman Bros-Shop Supplies                    14.88
01-West Payment Ctr-Law Lib                  983.75
01-County Sheriffs of Co-Dues                  100.00
**-Fullmers-Op Supplies               1,266.50
**-Gunn Vly Fam Phy-Prenatal               1,804.63
01-Govt Fin Officer-Dues                  180.00
**-Six Points               2,583.30
80-Honnen Equipment-Parts                  157.48
**-Master Petroleum-Gas               1,035.41
80-West Slope Connection-Parts                    35.00
**-Gunn Glass-Parts                  783.80
80-Wagner Equip - Parts               4,603.46
**-Gunn Fam Med Ctr-Pris Med                  785.00
02-J Kint-Meals                  162.00
03-Std Tire-H S Expense                    59.00
**-Valco-Const Costs                  507.00
**-Alsco-Laundry                  625.02
01-Blue Mesa Lbr-Bldg Mtce                  479.45
**-Miller Furn-Eq & Furn               1,269.90
01-Co Cty Treas Assn-Dues                    30.00
**-Jerry Greene-Const Costs               6,605.00
01-Henry's Radio-Eq Mtce                    35.90
80-Tomichi Tire-Tires               1,299.00
**-Gunn Ctry Shopper-Pand Flu                  405.56
50-Schmalz Const-Const Cost             31,457.00
01-Gunn Conservation District                  500.00
80-Newman Traffic Signs-Parts                  159.35
80-L Partch-Meals                  162.00
01-Bob Barker Co-Op Supplies                  254.15
43-J Stone-Travel                  785.92
02-Faris Machinery-Rental Eq               2,405.00
**-Rky Mtn Hardware-Parts                  111.51
**-Hinsdale Cty-Health Init Imp               2,492.98
**-City of Gunn Oth-Sewage Trt               8,262.47
51-M Templeton-Meals                  162.00
10-Zep Mfg-Operating Supplies                    54.12
01-Gunn Cty Extension-Pstg                  223.50
80-Interstate Batteries-Parts                  302.85
80-Rush Truck Ctr-Parts                    37.26
01-Crystal Mtce-Op Supplies                  675.03
01-Upper Gunn Rvr Wtr               3,162.50
80-RAC Transport-Parts                  234.97
**-Roaring Fork Vly Coop-Fuel               1,312.08
70-Xerox-Photocopies                  108.43
01-Gunn Cty Sheriff-Prof Svcs               1,102.50
02-Rolland Eng-Const Costs               3,930.19
80-Two Way Comm-Parts                  908.40
25-Denver Post Subsc-Magazines                  149.95
25-Demco-Books                  154.89
10-Western Implement-Eq Mtce                    21.63
10-Am Assn Airport Exec-Dues               2,000.00
25-Bookworm-Books                    56.62
80-John Roberts Mtr Wks-Parts                  447.37
01-Gunn W Fed CU-Credit Union             17,048.89
01-Chg Fd Sheriff-Postage                      6.35
10-Swire Coca Cola-Vend Supp                  503.70
01-Gunn Chamber-Visitors Ctr               2,500.00
**-Munro Supply-Op Supp                  469.81
52-Co Dept of Health-Pr Svcs                  217.41
01-Jubilee House               2,500.00
52-Respond Systems-Op Supp                    72.25
01-CB Nordic Council               1,000.00
01-CSU-Office Supplies                    94.00
25-AAUW-Programming                  200.00
**-United Parcel Service-Pstg 85.76
02-Michael Collins-Prof Svcs 1822.50
01-Woodworker's Journal-Subscr                    12.97
01-D Baumgarten-Travel                  358.90
80-CB True Value-Parts                    14.99
52-KRW Consulting-Prof Svcs                  455.00
01-W Folowell-Meals                      8.66
01-C Dawson-Health Init Impl                  198.64
01-Galls-Op Supplies                    41.96
**-Rental Svc Corp-Rental Eq               1,476.56
43-Motorola-Montrose Equip           131,209.00
70-Buckhorn Geotech-Prof Svcs               2,200.00
25-Ingram Lib Svcs-Books               1,087.52
12-Alpine Electric-Adv Bldg Imp                  335.75
10-F Bar Catering-Op Supplies                    49.00
01-Tyler Tech-Equipment             16,680.18
01-R Besecker-Meals                    42.89
01-Van Diest Supply-Op Supp               6,686.73
**-United Co-Adv Bldg Imp               5,418.42
02-Gunn Const-Eq Rental                  594.00
51-Treatment Tech-Op supp                  861.50
10-H&H Towing-Op Supplies                  250.00
03-AT&T-H S Expense                  220.31
10-Sams Club-Op Supplies                  318.08
01-Gunn Security-Bldg Mtce                    28.50
**-APWA Western Slope-Meals                  112.50
01-Sysco Fd Svc-Prisoner Meals               3,811.85
**-Waste Mgt-Trash Removal                    70.81
82-J Guy-Travel                    70.47
**-Verizon Wireless-Cell Phone                    52.12
01-Boss in Montrose-Rental Eq                    37.70
01-J-O-M Pharm Svc-Supplies                    70.85
12-Consol Elect-Adv Bldg Imp                  156.64
10-Avis Car Rental-ROA Clear                  370.97
80-Alcan Spring-Parts                    14.40
01-Divers Reef-Diving Team                  718.32
01-Saferide of Gunnison County                  625.00
01-Rocky's Gym-Hlth Club Mbr                  475.00
01-Firebrand-Meetings                  117.48
03-Ikon Office Sol-Eq Mtce                  313.18
80-Tire Dist Sys-Tires               3,388.82
01-Adaptive Sports Ctr                  625.00
50-Boyle Eq Co-Eq Mtce                  185.64
01-Co Rvr Wtr Const-Training                    50.00
**-Allen Beck-Nurse Fam Ptr                  150.00
10-Central Dist Co-Op supplies                  546.74
25-Amazon Cr Plan-Books                  106.14
01-Mail Boxes Etc-Postage                    43.07
03-Co Dept of Pub Safety-HS Exp                  118.50
12-Mesa Mechanical-Equipment               9,277.60
01-Co Pub Health Assn-Dues                  400.00
51-UNCC-Bks & Subscript                    42.70
25-C Primus-Travel                  145.50
**-Pat's Screen Printing-Op Supp               1,576.55
70-Mtn View Apts-A/P                      1.50
01-KEJJ Radio-Tobacco Control                  200.00
01-Hospice of the Gunnison Vly               1,250.00
25-Delta Sys-Books                  482.50
01-J Kelley-Bioterrorism Grant                  522.01
01-R Reed - PC Mtgs                  375.00
01-Sanofi Pasteur-Op supplies               3,256.73
03-SSTABS-Meetings                    21.00
25-Sunset-Magazines                    29.00
25-T Trantow-Meals&Lodging                  706.82
80-Excel Mfg-Parts                  270.20
01-Henry Schein-Pandemic Flu               3,643.08
**-CDW Govt-Adv Bldg Imp                  545.81
82-GLComputer-Equip Replace               4,703.98
**-West Slope APWA-Training                  990.00
01-Co Big Cntry RC&D-Op Exp                  162.50
82-E Brown-Sys S/W Subscript                    28.00
01-B Baker-PC Mtgs                    12.34
01-Co Fitness-Health Club Mbr                  615.00
01-Sprint-Long Distance                    52.43
01-Techno Ply-Op Supplies                  701.88
10-Flood & Peterson-Ins&Bonds             45,359.00
**-Wells Fargo Brokerage-Leases             48,192.48
**-CB News-Advertising               1,209.00
01-High Country Citizens Alliance               1,000.00
**-Walmart-Meals                  501.46
03-Wee Care-H S Expense                  240.00
25-L Sego-Janitorial Svcs                  300.00
01-Light Bulb Supply-Op Supp                  455.56
01-Lexis Nexis-e-file & serve                    11.20
01-Feather Petroleum-Veh Mtce                    12.15
01-Louis & Co-Eq & Furn                  193.85
03-Dynamics Res Corp-Pr Svcs               1,440.00
82-WSC Computer-Sys S/W Subsc                850.00
01-AFLAC-Suppl Policies               1,301.12
25-O, The Oprah Magazine-Mag                    27.01
**-R Brown-Travel                  280.62
01-John Gallowich-Op Supplies                  137.50
01-N Henry-Meals                    11.10
01-Katie's Cookery-PC Mtgs                  117.36
25-People en Espanol-Magazines                    16.97
**-Atmos-Utilities                  773.78
**-Kroger-Meals                  692.15
25-P Duba-Meals                  103.02
41-Carter & Burgess-Prof Svcs           145,000.00
01-L N Curtis & Sons-Equipment                  706.28
01-K Stewart-Hlthy Aging Grant                  258.48
82-S Sprott-Travel                    47.05
03-N Stevenson-A/R                  144.00
80-Delta Implement-Parts                  460.38
50-Hotchkiss Rentals-Rental Eq                  335.50
01-Great N Am Co-Op Supplies                  166.11
01-Rita McDermott-Prof Svcs                  120.00
01-CB Weekly-Pandemic Flu                  372.50
01-N Lypps-PC Mtgs                  375.00
92-Airplanners-Cont Temp Help               5,600.00
90-NGS American-Admin Fees               3,556.72
01-Jerralyn's Landscaping                  400.00
02-Tracker Software-S/W Subscr                  330.00
01-Prescription Alt-Pharm Supp                    20.00
70-Pitchfork-Dues                    32.40
**-Wells Fargo Cr-Meals& Lodge             14,502.43
01-Delta Cty Comm-Health Init               2,264.18
03-Gunnison Inn-H S Exp                  130.00
92-Co Assn Transit-Dues                  225.00
03-M Semlow-H S Exp                  624.10
01-Globalstar-Sat Phone                  145.68
03-B Greenwood-H S Expense                  114.95
01-Ouray County-Health Init Imp               2,264.18
10-Golden Eagle-Trash Removal                  187.50
12-Varra Co-Adv Bldg Imp                  799.60
10-Blueglobes-Runway Mtce                  305.16
82-Montrose Internet-Sys S/W                    30.00
01-Midwest Co Mental Health Ctr               1,250.00
25-Penworthy-Books                  205.51
01-A&B Mech-Eq Mtce                  450.00
01-Backflow Consult-Equip Mtce                    90.00
01-Office for Resource Efficiency               3,125.00
80-Goodwin Septic-Bldg Mtce               2,400.00
03-L Lobdell-H S Exp                  150.00
01-Gunn Vly Appliance-Eq Mtce                  112.50
03-Drug Testing Inc-H S Exp               1,007.00
25-Natural Health-Magazines                    11.97
72-Wells Fargo Bank-Pr&Int               3,040.65
25-Co Lib Consort-Postage                  637.50
01-Ludlum Measure-Eq Mtce                  111.12
70-W Albers-Meals                    56.50
01-R&S Northeast-Pharm Supp                  396.50
01-Am Inst of Avalanche Res                  750.00
01-I Billick-PC Mtgs                  250.00
01-Bank of the West-Off Supp                    20.00
80-Norstar Industries-Parts                  370.48
01-CB Town Taxi                  625.00
**-AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone               1,303.15
82-Tuck Comm Svc-Eq Mtce                  583.65
01-B Cummings-Postage                    72.72
**-Qwest Business Svcs-L D                  516.37
01-M Pelletier-Travel                  257.05
**-Semmaterials-Runway Mtce               1,221.94
02-Garcia Const-Deposit Rd Prmt                  500.00
70-Arthur J Gallagher-Ins&Bonds               2,275.00
70-D Ray-Travel                    28.13
25-Pearson Ed-Books               1,282.33
10-Tree Tamers-Op Supp                  900.00
01-PSS Denver-Pandemic Flu               1,196.71
01-Cochran Fish&Wildlife-Pr Svc               6,250.00
01-Nelco-Printing & publishing                  209.80
80-Laudick Napa Auto-Parts                  159.41
92-Truex Mgt Svcs-Prof Svcs               5,000.00
01-Bonded Bus Svcs-Garnishees                  891.99
01-M Wacker-Tobacco Control                  387.11
01-Emp Sec Dept-Garnishees                  170.00
02-Pro Com-Prof Svcs                  105.90
01-R Karas-PC Mtgs                  375.00
25-Cottage Living-Magazines                    16.00
03-M Cheever-H S Exp                    13.11
01-Sage Resources-Prof Svcs               4,120.54
01-Raymond Edwards-Prof Svcs                  935.34
80-Boom-a-rang-Shop Supplies                  126.00
25-E Celestino-Contract Help                    46.75
02-Hard Rock Paving-Asphalt             21,229.37
01-K Garren-Prof Svcs                  144.00
01-Co Legal Services               1,125.00
01-T&A Enterprises-Janitor Svcs               4,100.00
01-Alpine Cleaning-Janitor Svcs               4,900.00
01-E McPhail-Travel                    26.93
70-S Aeshliman-Training                  219.30
**-Fastenal Industrial-Parts                  160.20
10-Time Warner Cable-Utilities                    69.95
01-Intl Code Council-Training                    30.00
41-A & S Const-Const Costs           745,016.29
90-Ft Dearborn-Insurance Prem               2,170.41
01-D Owen-PC Mtgs                  375.00
01-Tyler Martineau-Prof Svcs               1,445.44
01-Trinity Biotech-Lab Supplies                  133.50
80-Gunn Motorsports-Parts                  245.80
01-J Messner-PC Mtgs                  250.00
82-Mitchell & Co-Prof Svcs               1,069.00
01-West Slope Maint-Janitor                  325.00
01-T Morrill-Emp Advance                    72.00
01-Duft Elect Svc-Bldg Mtce                  326.47
01-Payflex-Flex Comp Adm Fees                  306.00
01-Gentle Touch Dent-Reg 10                  360.00
**-Kirsten Dailey-Landscaping                    90.00
01-CASA of the 7th Judicial Dist                  250.00
01-Coal Creek Watershed Project               1,250.00
01-Gunn Cntry Chamb-Ev Coord               1,250.00
01-Living Journeys                  250.00
01-Stealth Roofing-Bldg Imp             23,692.00
01-A Rifkin Co-Office Supplies                    33.92
25-Cougar Press-Books                    93.55
01-S Lumb-PC Mtgs                  375.00
10-Env Abatement-Ranch R&M             27,656.00
03-Intervention-H S Exp                  396.00
01-Digitcom Electronics-Pstg                    21.44
34-Registry 7th Jud Dist-Pr Svcs                  591.40
01-Deborah Harris-Prof Svcs                  590.00
82-Pixxures-Prof Svcs               8,027.50
51-Siemens Wtr Tech-Op Supp                  208.00
01-Mindy Conerly,LLC-Training                    10.00
80-West States Welder-Eq Repair               1,288.02
82-MCS Computer Svcs-Pr Svcs                  245.00
25-Parents as Teachers-Training                  870.00
25-C Long-Contracted Help                    30.00
25-A Hodges-Contracted Help                    73.13
01-4-H Forever-Other Contrib               2,969.17
03-Hansen&Wilson-H S Exp                  795.00
03-L Oltmann-Travel               1,072.34
03-Atmos Energy-Energy Assist                  869.04
03-Griffith Ctrs-H S Exp               1,300.20
01-Tomichi Pet Care-K-9 Mtce                  168.76
01-New Air Helicopters-SAR Sup               2,774.00
01-Pharmatech Inc-Pharm Supp                    16.25
01-G Howard-HCBS Grant Exp                  130.95
10-Stampede Pest&Weed-Op Sup                  377.36
01-ROSHAMBO,LLC-Prof Svcs                  300.00
70-Schmalz Leasing-Hmlss Prev                  400.00
52-Fred Pryor Seminars-Training                    79.00
01-Stepping Stones               5,000.00
80-W Slope Fire-Shop Supplies                  208.80
80-Roberts Ent-Trash Removal                    43.00
**-G J Pipe-Sewer Sys Improve               1,678.50
**-Delta Montrose Elect-Util                  427.01
51-Timberline Elect-Equipment               8,697.50
                           Total        1,592,975.38

The above and foregoing is a condensed statement of the Commissioners’ Proceedings at the regular meeting held in the Commissioners’ Room in the County Courthouse in Gunnison, Colorado on the 18th of September, 2007 A.D.

Published in the Crested Butte News. Issue of November 2, 2007. #110201

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Phone: (970) 349-0500 - FAX: (970) 349-9876:
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